Project Completed
May 22, 2020
Ceci Verbaarschot
Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

#Flip-that-Bucket “Flip-that-Bucket” is an open source, portable and enjoyable BCI game suitable for investigating or demonstrating movement intentions using scientific experiments or educational demonstrations in noisy environments.

In the game, a sneaky virtual robot aims to predict a player’s intentions to act based on their action history, muscle activity, or brain activity.

The game can be used to assess: 1. the accuracy of brain-based movement predictions, 2. the timing of these predictions relative to movement onset, 3. the potential benefit of brain-based over behavior-based predictions, and 4. the correlation between certain brain signals (e.g. the readiness potential and event-related desynchronization between 8-30Hz over the pre- and primary motor areas) and the experience of an intention to move.

Answering each of these questions may greatly benefit future applications in prosthetics and motor rehabilitation.

Flip-that-Bucket is made as an extension to the open-source buffer_bci toolbox, encouraging further development.